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Angle Grinder Spare Parts and Accessories

A Versatile Tool

Also known as the side grinder or the disc grinder, the angle grinder is a handheld power tool which is powered by either electricity, petrol or compressed air. It works in a mechanism where the motor drives a geared head at a right angle with a grinding disc mounted on. Angle grinders are very versatile and can take different types of wheels and accessories for example, if you wanted to smooth rough areas on your patio, you would have to buy a metal grinding disc. It can also be used to clean rust and caked on cement from your garden tools, using a whire weel brush.

Accessories for your Angle Grinder

Because the angle grinder is used to work with cement and other masonry materials, the accessories and attachments get worn out and need replacing ever so often. It is important to check your manufacturers guide to find out which accessories are compatible with your machine. We have a wide variety of parts and accessories which will be compatible with your angle grinder. To find the accessory for your angle grinder, click on the brand of your machine, the range of products will be reduced to the available accessories we can offer for that brand. All you have to do next is to select the type number - which can be found on the left column of this webpage.


We want to help you find the right parts and accessories for your machine, so you can get on with your DIY projects. If you need any help finding the correct part, please don't hesitate to contact us through the details here: