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Bandsaw Spares and Accessories

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Top Tip

Make relief cuts to make cutting out curves easier. First, repeatedly cut into your cutting line at an approx 90 degree angle. Then, when you saw the original cutting path, the waste will fall away bit by bit as you reach the relief cuts. This makes it easier for the blade to track freely, reducing each contour to a series of short, manageable cuts.

Your Bandsaw: Keep Things Sharp

Bandsaws: whether you have more of an entry level, compact model, or you're a seasoned wood-worker with a more heavy duty machine, the operations of a bandsaw remain the same. Relying on the trusty band of steel rotating round to cut boards being pushed through by the craftsman. Whatever you use your bandsaw for, there are a few tips, tricks and maintenance musts that are important to follow:

It's important to replace dull blades immediately. If you're experiencing a slower feed rate, burning, or an increased difficulty in following a line, then it's most likely a sign of a dull blade. It's best for both your work and your safety not to continue before replacing the blade for the best results with your work.

It's also good practice to release the tension of the band when you won't be using the tool for more than 3 days. Keeping the tension for longer than 3 days can cause the metal to tire, making the blade more likely to break sooner.

Band Saw Spares and Accessories

It's important to get the right parts and accessories for your band saw, not only for the particular job you're doing, but to also make sure they are compatible and will work with your specific model. Make sure to check the type number of your saw, and see if the spare part and accessory you wish to purchase is compatible on the product page information. You can see this if the type number of your saw is listed.

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