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Bench Grinder Spare Parts & Accessories

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Your Bench Grinder: Keeping Things Sharp

As a type of benchtop grinding machine, this sturdy grinder will help you keep knives, sciccors, chisels, and other tools sharp. Further, if you're an avid metal worker, it can help shape, sharpen, buff, polish, or clean any kinds of metal, no matter what your project entails. This is all done by the aabrasive wheels, driven round to help cut through the metal. The type of wheel of course all depends on the task at hand, with wire brush wheels able to clean or polish, where the harder grinding wheels help to keep your tools clean cut and ready for use.

Most bend grinders then to use a vitreous-bond wheel, which can generally tackle most jobs. However, unfortunately these have an inevitable risk of cracking.

Safety First!

Stay Safe

Ensure when using a machine like this, you are fully confident in your skills and have the proper knowledge, or supervision by someone who does. It's also important to make sure you wear the proper equipment, ensuring you're kitted out in safety glasses, and good, solid work shoes, hearing safety like ear plugs or muffs, as well as a face mask to protect from any grinding dust.

Of course, this type of grinding metal on a powerful grinding wheel means that things can start heating up fast. It's important to keep your workplace safe when using these tools. Most bench grinders are typically the dry type, which means there's no cutting fluid. This equals heat. Therefore, make sure, before you start working, be sure to fill a pan or pot of water for cooling. Otherwise, you not only risk burning yourself, your work could lose its temper, potentially ruining your tools or project.

Spares, Replacement Parts and Accessories

Whether it's a new grinding wheel you need, or a new water resevoir to keep your work cool, then hopefully we can help. We want to make sure you're able to use your machines in the easiest, most efficient, and of course safest ways. Maintenance of your power tools is essential, otherwise you and your work could suffer from a machine that isn't working properly and safely. If you need help finding the right part for your grinder, then please don't hesitate to get in touch through our contact page, and we will try to help you get your grinder working again.