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Brush Cutter Parts and Accessories

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Brush Cutter: Parts and Accessories

Investing in a brush cutter must mean two things: you have a lot of tough garden jobs to tackle, and you care about the finished quality and being able to keep your garden clear and tidy of thick weeds and grass.

A brush cutter is not a tool for someone who doesn't take care of things, and so of course you tend to your brush cutter just as you care for your plants and garden. As a much more powerful machine than the usual grass trimmer, the brush cutter is a lot more specialised to tackle tough weeds, thick grasses, brambles and scrubbery. Handling this takes a toll on the machine, so upkeep and general care and repair is a necessary, particularly for the brush cutter blades. Once these blades are blunt, the machine will just chew up the grass and scrubbery without clearing the way, leaving a hacked mess behind.

Safety is also a vital part of using a brush cutter, and it's vital you take the appropriate precautions, and wear the necessary safety articles. With a wide selection of brush cutter parts - and the safety equipment to use the machine - we wish to make sure your favourite, heavy duty gardening partner is ready to rock 'n' roll without any nuisances like blunt blades or broken cables.

Find Your Model

To find the correct parts compatible with your particular brush cutter, it is vital you know the type (model) number of the appliance to make sure your do not order parts that won't fit or work with your machine. The type (model) number is usally located on the type sticker/plate that can be found on the side or bottom of your machine, or in the user manual. The number itself is usally a combination of numbers and letters.

Once you have found this, you can search for your desired parts and accessories with this type (model) number to ensure you get the right part for your brush cutter.

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