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Cement mixer Spare Parts and Accessories

Cemented in History!

5000 years ago some form of cement was used in constructing the famous pyramids of Egypt. Also, in the building of the Coliseum, the Romans used some form of cement or concrete. But, what we use today as cement, was perfected by scientists in the 1800s. So, the next time you are working on a household project with some cement or concrete, remember, you are cementing history!

Your Cement Mixer

To find out which attachment, spare part or accessory will fit your cement mixer, click on the brand of the cement mixer you have from the list of brands. The list of available accessories will be reduced to the specific attachments we have for that brand. Then, all you have to do is match the type number which is found on a small plate on your cement mixer to the available mixing rods (also referred to as mixing drill bit or stirrer paddles), spare parts and accessories on our website.

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