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Clippers or trimmer, the difference

A trimmer is a small, agile device that allows you to perform precision clipping on your haircut. A pair of clippers looks similar, but is a bigger device with a stronger engine. Clippers are specifically intended for cutting thick and long hair, like the hair on your head, or your beard. Clippers are really the heavy-duty variation of a trimmer, used for shaving off large amounts of hair. The length at which clippers cut the hair is determined with accessories you place on the clippers, like a comb for instance. There are many ways to use a clipper to even make the hair smoothly layered, switching between small combs and gradually using a bigger one.

When to use clippers?

Our advice: never use a trimmer if you want to cut larger amounts of hair. Clippers are more powerful and specially designed for this type of hair cut. A pair of clippers is also better guarded against the long hair. A trimmer can't handle long hair and will yank at it, which is painful for the person who is being shaved. It is, of course, perfectly possible to combine trimmers with clippers, if you first let the clippers do the hard work, then use the trimmer for the precision finish.

Clippers parts and accessories

Partshub.co.uk offers replacement parts and useful accessories for a range of popular clippers, so you can make full use of your handy hair cutter. Just look in the categories above, or directly select the brand of your clippers and see our offering for that brand or specific type. Can't find the product you're looking for in our shop? Often we can special order hard to come by products through our suppliers. Just ask us and we'll try to find out wether it is possible to find the spare part or accessory. Our team of product specialist is ready to answer any question you may have!