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Electric Screwdrivers Spares and Accessories

Your Electric Screwdriver

Putting up a shelf can be tedious if you only have your physical strenght to rely on to get the work done. This is one of the reasons why we need to find the individuals responsible for creating power tools and give them some sort of award for their contribution to society. The electric screwdriver can drive screws faster than the presenters of The Great British Bake Off can say "Ready, Steady, Bake". The electric screwdriver comes in three basic shapes, straight, pistol and multi-positional, and some integrate all three in one device. You can change the rotating force, also known as the torque, on the screwdriver and this can be amazing for versatility, control and flexibility when completing tasks. Sadly, all machines deteriorate and you will need to repair it or keep spare parts around for when you need them. Whatever spare parts and/or accessories you need for your machine; batteries and chargers, bit sets, the chuck, a gear box or even a ball joint, we have a wide range to choose from on Partshub.co.uk. We also have spares and attachments for your other power tools such as hammer drills, impact driver and much more.

Which Spares are compatible with my screwdriver?

If you want to know if the part or accessory fits your electric screwdriver, first click on the screwdriver brand. Then the range of products will be reduced to the available accessories and parts we can offer for that brand. Then you can select the type number which you can find as an image on your device.


  • Trying to use a srewdriver bit on a drill or cordless screwdriver can be problematic. Always make sure you are using the right screwdriver bit for your machine.
  • The screwdriver has such a high torque that it would drive screws into wood without pre drilling.

Partshub.co.uk: We're Here to Help

For any questions concerning a particular spare part or accessory you need, please feel free to get in touch with our customer service team and our customer service team will try and get back to you to help you find the right parts for your devices.