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Grass trimmer spare parts and accessories

The grass trimmer: to finetune your yard

Wether your garden needs to be made winter ready, or can use a proper maintainance, your grass trimmer is an important part of your garden care.

Grass trimmer or brush cutter?

One question many customers ask us is what the difference is between a grass trimmer and a brush cutter. These devices look incredibly alike, and are used for similar purposes. The main difference is that a grass trimmer is used for precision finishing of parts that require fine tuning. Where a brush cutter is really heavy duty, meant for bigger surfaces, thick wood and other rough patches, the grass trimmer is used to create sharp edges and to cut carefully around flower patches and garden decorations and fences. So if it needs to be done with precision, you'd be using the much lighter and less powerful grass trimmer.

Grass trimmer repair

Anyone who prides themselves about their yard, obviously also takes special care of their grass trimmer. So if it doesn't function too well anymore, or the blades have gone blunt or other parts need replacing, Partshub.co.uk offers a wide range of spare parts and accessories for your grass trimmer. You will enjoy the finely cut grass sooner again than you'd expect. All it takes is a few clicks around the categories above. We'll ship your order quickly and safely to you.