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Hammer Drill Parts and Attachments

Hammer Drill Parts and Attachments

A Hammer Drill also called a rotary hammer, a rotary drill or a masonry drill is a very powerful tool which is designed for more heavy-duty work like drilling into masonry, stone or concrete. It is not to be confused with other power tools such as the cordless drill and the impact driver. How does the Hammer Drill work? Basically, two sets of toothed gears turn together like a hammer to force the drill bit (rotary drill) into the concrete.

Handy Tips

  • Drill bits will wear out, especially the SDS Drill Bit, because the hammer drill puts a lot of pressure on the drill bits when drilling into masonry and concrete. So check for wear in your drill bits and replace them with a new one. Dont worry we've got you covered, we have gone above and beyond to give you a variety of drill bits.

  • When in doubt about the specific drill bit you need, check your hammer drill manufacturer's guide. However, the SDS drill bits will fit any hammer drill and, you dont need to worry, you will find several SDS drill bits which will work for a hammer drill of any brand on our website.

  • Finally, when working with a hammer drill, always wear safety glasses!