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Impact Driver Spares and Accessories

Impact driver

The impact driver was specifically designed to drive screws faster and easier than an electric screwdriver or any other tool for that matter. It uses both rotation and concussive blows to drive screws, that's to say, it drives screws using a powerful twisting force. It can drive long screws with very little effort and that's why it is perfect for taking the lug nuts off your car wheels or screwing down plywood sub floors.

Impact Driver vs Drill

The impact driver may look like a drill but it has a collet which can only accept hex-shanked drivers and drill bits. They deliver more than twice the twisting force (torque) of the drill. Impact drivers are easy and comfortable to use because unlike the drill, they transfer all the high energy turning force to the screw and not to your wrist or forearm. Basically, impact drivers are excellent for projects your regular drill might struggle with.

Your impact driver

If you need spares or accessories for your impact driver, you can click on the brand of your machine and the products available for that brand will be reduced. Then, enter the type number of your machine and the options available for your particular impact driver will come up

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