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Impact Wrench Spares and Accessories

What is an impact wrench?

Also known as an impact gun, an impact wrench is a power tool specifically designed for securing and unscrewing nuts, for example, the lug nuts of cars and trucks. This is not a typical household power tool, it is more common in mechanic workshops. They work by applying a rotating and concussive force in short bursts. They are driven by a motor which can be powered by air, electricity or batteries.

Impact Wrench vs Impact Driver

It is not to be confused with an impact driver, impact wrenches are heavier and more powerful than impact drivers. They both work in similar ways, that is, using a turning and concussive force. You would use your impact driver when your drill doesn't have that little bit extra force but bringing an impact wrench to a regular household DIY task would be unnecessary.

Your Impact Wrench

You have finally ditched your simple wrench or spanner and you are now equipped with an impact wrench. If you are looking for spare parts or accessories for your machine, click on the brand of your impact wrench and then enter the type number of your machine and all the spare parts and accessories available for your machine will be displayed.

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