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Mitre Saw Spare Parts and Accessories

Mitre Saw

This is one of the most precise if not the best power tool for making cross cuts on wooden boards. Its powerful motor pulls a spinning circular saw blade in short controlled movements to cut down into a workpiece which is held down by a fence. What makes it different from a circular saw is that is has a mitre index which allows the angle of the blade to be changed relative to the fence holding the workpiece. Some people who are new to DIY have found working with the mitre saw easy because the workpiece is held down by the fence while the saw head moves around.

Safety First.

At Partshub.co.uk, we are all about repairing things yourself. However, safety is very important when completing your DIY projects, especially when handling machines with powerful motors and sharp metal blades like the mitre saw.

  • Wear safety glasses and hearing protection when operating a mitre saw.
  • Always make sure you keep your fingers at least 6 inches from the path of the saw blade.
  • Never reach under the blade while it is spinning. Wait for the blade to stop completely before attempting to lift the machine.

Spares and Accessories

Always follow your manufacturer's guide when purchasing spare parts and accessories for your machines. It is good practice to replace parts of your mitre saw like the saw blade because a dull and worn out blade will task the motor of the machine, and before you know it you will need to buy a brand new machine. Not to mention, a sharp saw blade will produce the best results and make the work go faster.

To find spare parts and accessories which are compatible with your mitre saw, choose the brand, and then enter the type number of your mitre saw, this is usually displayed on the machine. When you've done this, all the products we have for your mitre saw will be displayed.