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Multitool Spares and Accessories


This is an oscillating power tool which can be powered by batteries or electric, and because of the narrow angle of the oscillation, it has the prime advantage of not kicking like rotating power tools. The multitool is also perfect for those new to DIY, who need a power tool which is safe and versatile. The size of the multitool makes it perfect for doing small and precise work in areas which are not easily accessible. This power tool can do almost anything the individual power tools can, all you need is the right attachment and you are equiped to work with any material from plastic to masonry. The multitool can cut and saw, polish and grind, and even drill with the right attachments.

Which accessories are compatible to my multitool

You can find the part or accessory for your machine by clicking on the brand of your multitool. The range will be reduced to the available accessories and parts we can offer for that brand. Then, you can select the type number which is usually a small image displayed on your multitool.

The multitool can be a handy alternative to other chunkier power tools, but if you are looking for spare parts and accessories for your other power tools, please followe the links below to go to the respective pages;


When you use one accessory more than the others, there is bound to be some wear and tear. We have a variety of accessories and attachments for your multitools. Always follow your manufacturers guide when purchasing spare parts and accessories, but if you are finding it difficult to find the right part for your machine, please feel free to contact us customer service.