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Nespresso Feeler (hot water tap) for coffee machine 5217100200

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hot water tap

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Suitable for
  • Delonghi
  • Nespresso
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Brand Type Number Serie
Product specifications
Properties hot water tap
SKU 5217100200
Manufacturing number(s) 5217100200
Package content 1 Piece
Compatible with EN520BL, EN520S, EN520W, EN660, EN660EX1, EN660REX1, EN660RR, EN670BEX1, EN680M, EN680M, EN680MEX1, EN720M, EAM2000, EAM2500B, EAM2600 CAFFE CORSO, EAM3000B, EAM3100SB, EAM3100SB, EAM3200S, MAGNIFICA SILVER, EAM3250, EAM3300, MAGNIFICA, EAM3300S, EAM3400, EAM3400S, EAM3500, EAM3500S, EAM4000, AM4000B, EAM4200, EAM4200S, EAM4300, EAM4400, EAM4500, ECAM21110B, ECAM21110W, ECAM21117B, ECAM21210B, ECAM21210W, ECAM22110B, ECAM22110SB, ECAM22140B, MAGNIFICA, ECAM23120SB, ECAM23210B, INTENSA, ECAM23210W, ECAM23240B, ECAM23420SB, ECAM23420SR, ECAM23420SW, ECAM23427R, ECAM23440SB, ECAM23450B, ECAM23450BEX3, ECAM23450S, ECAM23450SEX3, ECAM24450S, ECAM25120B, ECAM25120SB, ECAM25452B, ECAM25452S,ECAM25457B, ECAM25457S, ECAM26455M, PRIMADONNA S, ECAM26455MB, ESAM02110SB, ESAM03110, ESAM03110EX1, ESAM03110SEX1, ESAM03120, ESAM04110B, ESAM04110S, ESAM04120S, ESAM04320S, ESAM04320S, MAGNIFICO, ESAM04350S, ESAM2000, ESAM2200S, ESAM2200SEX1, ESAM2500B, ESAM2600, ESAM2600EX1, ESAM3000B, ESAM3000BEX1, ESAM3100SB, ESAM3110, ESAM3200G, ESAM3200S, ESAM3200SEX1, ESAM3200V, ESAM3240OEX1, ESAM3300, ESAM3400R , ESAM3400S, ESAM3500S, ESAM3550B, ESAM3600, MAGNIFICA, ESAM4000B, ESAM4200S, ESAM4200SEX1, ESAM4300, ESAM4400, MAGNIFICA, ESAM4400S, ESAM4500, MAGNIFICA, ESAM4500B, ESAM4500S, ESAM4600, ESAM5400, ESAM5400GDEX1, ESAM5400REX1, ESAM5400SEX1PERFECTA, ESAM5450, ESAM5500B, ESAM5500G, 132215056, ESAM5500L, ESAM5500M, ESAM5500M, ESAM5500P, ESAM5500S, ESAM5500T, ESAM5500W , ESAM5600EX2, ESAM5600S, ESAM5700, ESAM6600, ESAM6620, PRIMA DONNA, ESAM6650S, ESAM6700, PRIMADONNA AVANT , ESAM6700EX1, ESAM6750, ESAM6900M PRIMADONNA EXCLUSIV, EN6xx, EN7xx,
Manufacturer Nespresso
Device brand Delonghi, Nespresso
Device names Coffee machine, coffe-maker, coffeemaker
Product group Parts and Accessories
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