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Nilfisk: For The Toughest Cleaning Jobs

The beginning of the twentieth century saw the birth of Danish company Nilfisk thanks to electrician P.A. Fisker. Thanks to the innovation then, our lives are made much more simpler today, with the ease of cleaning with a vacuum or pressure washer much easier than the tasks the people of the past faced. Nilfisk is now one of the largest platers in the market for appliances intended for cleaning and is also very popular and highly recommended for industrial and commericial cleaning. With industry recommendation, you know the company delivers with high quality results, with all appliances easy to use and leave your home sparkling.

Everything For Nilfisk Appliances

As an official parts dealer with Nilfisk, we understand how important your Nilfisk cleaning appliances are to you and your home. Whether it's just a simple vacuum bag, or a specialised nozzle for your pressure cleaner, we aim to stock a wide range of spare parts and accessories for as many makes and models as possible, hoping to help you get your trusty cleaning companions back to tip top condition.

Which Nilfisk Device Do You Have?

To find the right spare parts for your Nilfisk appliance, you will need the type (model) number. This number consists of a series of numbers or a combination of letters and numbers. For each device, the number will be located in a different place on the type sticker or nameplate. Sometimes they can be in a difficult place to locate. Read here if you're having trouble finding your type number. Once you have located the model number, you are then able to search for the correct parts specific to your machine. Select your model number from the left side bar, or search the number with our search bar to eliminate the parts uncompatible for your device.

Need Help Finding The Right Parts? We're Here To Help!

If you're having any trouble determining the correct parts or accessories , then feel free to contact us via our customer service. This is accessible from Monday to Friday 9.00 to 11.00 and from 12.00 - 16.00. You can free phone to speak directly to someone on 02 03 69 59 84 1 or send us an email on info@partshub.co.uk. Alternatively, you can use our contact form and customer service will aim to get back to you as soon as possible to answer your query. Our online store uses secure payment methods with a quick checkout system so you can recieve the spare parts essential to you as soon as possible. What's more, if you place your order before 19.30 then we will ensure your package is dispatched the same day.