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Polisher Spares and Accessories

A polisher for the ultimate shine and finish.

The trick to getting your car to shine like it's brand new is not a trick at all, it simply needs polishing. A polisher is a power tool for people with an eye for detail and for those who are looking to get the best finish and shine. It can polish surfaces to give high clarity, sharpness and deep finishes. There are two types, the rotary polisher and the dual action polisher. Depending on the machine you have, you can adjust the speed to allow you to work with more control and precision. Whenever paint or any other flammable substance is involved, there are high risks of fire, that is why this machine can be dangerous if not used correctly. It is always wise to get proper direction and guidance when using one.

Spares and accessories

The polisher is not as aggressive as a bench grinder but the polishing pad, carbon brush and even the battery might wear out from excessive use. Because they are used to buff and refine other objects, you will need to have a couple of spare parts on hand for when they need repairing. We offer a wide variety of spare parts and accessories for your machine from brands such as Sila, Bosch, and Silverline, just to name a few.

Which Polisher do I have?

To see the spares and accessories which are compatible with your polisher, first choose the brand, then enter the type number of your machine. This can be found on a label attached to your machine. When you have chosen the brand of your machine and entered the type number, all the products we have available for your device will be listed.


We are all about fixing things yourself. If you are having some difficulties finding the part or accessory you need, please do not hesitate to contact us through the details here