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Power Tile Cutter Spares and Aaccessories

Cut your tiles to size - Power Tile Cutter

If you have ever worked on tiling a wall, you know the struggle is real. You walk into a shop very confident about your measurements and the tiles might look really good in the shop or online but it never fits perfectly. A manual tile cutter will get the job done in a hundred years and with less precision and accuracy and more strain on your muscles. This is where the electric tile cutter comes in handy, and all you have to do is make tiny adjustments to the tiles.

A broken Cutting Wheel

Unfortunately, every device no matter how fabulous will experience wear and that's why proper care and attention will help to prolong the lifespan of your machine. Small things like not replacing the cutting wheel will task the engine forcing it to work harder for less the precision cutting. With just a few mouse clicks, we will send you the spare part and/or accessory you need so you can get back to tiling the floor.

Spares and Accessories

If you want to know find spares and attachments for your machine, first click on the brand. The range of parts will be reduced to the available spares we offer for that brand. Then, you can go ahead and select your model number, this usually appears on a small label on your power tile cutter.