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Repairing tools and maintainance accessories

Some of our brands in tools and accessories:

All repair materials brands (from A to Z)

Repairing your appliances yourself

Partshub.co.uk aims to make it as easy as possible for you to repair your own broken appliances yourself. Repairing things saves money, is better for the environment, and is now easier than ever, since we recently expanded our range of repairing tools and maintainance equipment, glues and other accessories.

Tools, equipment, accessories

It can happen to anyone, from novice to experienced handyman: you're missing that one essential tool or piece of equipment for the task at hand. So it's often smart to check your repair toolbox when ordering spare parts at Partshub.co.uk. Anything you're currently lacking but may need for your repair task, you can simply add to the order and it will be shipped to you without additional shipping cost! All useful tools, electricity gouges, glue, kit, soldering equipment, tape and other materials are sent right to your door.

Bij ons vindt u voor uw reparaties en vervangingen o.a.:

  • Torx and spanner sets;

  • all kinds of screw-bits;

  • adhesives and sealants;

  • marking and measuring equipment;

  • electric meters;

  • saws;

  • hammers;

  • (electric and manual) screwdrivers;

  • tensioning straps;

  • funnels, brushes, paint brushes;

  • safety goggles; and

  • soldering kits and soldering materials.

Missing the necessary tools?

Partshub.co.uk is the biggest and most complete spare parts webshop, offering replacement parts, accessories and every other related product to make your repairs as easy as possible. We're fairly handy ourselves and understand what you require for the job. So check out our offering of repair equipment and useful tools to find what you need. Can't find it here? Contact us! We have a team of product experts at the service desk, ready to assist you to see if we can special order your repairing equipment.