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Robot Vacs: The Latest Addition To The Vacuum Family

The first robot vacuum cleaner was initially launched approximately 20 years ago now, in 1997. It was debuted at the BBC’s Tomorrow World. The machine used ultrasonic sensors to navigate around floors, detecting when it’s bin was full, as well as being able to locate and dock to its charging station when needed.

Named after an extinct arthropod that pored over the ocean’s floors seeking bits of nutrition to suck it up, the Trilobite vacuum was the first of the latest in the vacuum cleaner family.

Today, robot vacuum cleaners continue to grow in popularity, but why? What really makes a robot vacuum cleaner great?

Great for maintenance

OF course, the robot vacuum cleaner is still no match for it’s big cousins, but can be a really helpful tool in maintaining the cleanliness of your home in between vacuuming. Whether you religiously vacuum on a weekly basis, or begrudgingly do a quick sweep of your home with the hoover on the rare occasion someone is visiting, a robot vacuum can help pick up the dirt and dust that collects in between, keeping your home fresh and making your regular clean easier and quicker.

Don’t Forget The Pet!

This maintenance goes hand in hand with keeping on top of pet hair also. We all know the mammoth task of keeping animal hair under control, and a robot vacuum cleaner can help with this job, collecting fallen fur daily. And don’t forget, it can provide the opportunity to catch a great video of your favourite pet riding the robot.

Just bear in mind, the filters and other components can be very delicate, clogging or even breaking easily, so make sure to maintain and replace yours if your robot vacuum is dealing with a lot of pet hair often.

Short on Time!

With some models even able to be controlled via a smartphone app, a robot vacuum can be great at saving you time. Schedule the clean for while you’re at work, or asleep, and the cleaning will be done without costing you your precious minutes.

For those who really hate cleaning - or are just very tight on time - you are now free to keep the time to do the things you really love, instead of having to hoover your home for hours.


For those who struggle to get around the home, whether it be due to age, illness or disability, a robot vacuum cleaner can help tenfold, allowing the individual to get the cleaning done without huge effort or having to ask someone else to do it.

An Expensive Investment

Of course, all these amazing positives can come with a hefty price tag. With some of the robot vacuum cleaners costing over £1000, we understand that your robot vacuum is an investment for the future. That’s why we stock a wide range of maintenance spares, replacement parts, and vital components for your machine.

It’s important to look after your little cleaning sidekick, so don’t ignore any little problems that might pop up, and if anything breaks, be sure to replace it straight away. Once you get used to the ease of having a robot vacuum cleaner helping you out around the house, you will certainly miss the little machine if you let it waste away.

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