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Tacker Spare Parts and Accessories

Tacker: The grown up version of the Stapler

A tacker is what most people call a staple gun. It is a very handy tool for any DIY projects. There are three different types of staple guns, and their differences are based on their source of power. The manual staple gun physically looks like a grown up version of the office stapler, requires the user to press down on its lever to stick things together. The other types of staplers are powered by electricity(either from a cord or a battery) and compressed air. This machine is great for putting up ceiling tiles and securing insulating material.

Spares for your Tacker

The stapler can last you a while until the battery gives up on you or the spring becomes worn out. The spring has to be tense enough so that when it is triggered it can feed new staples to the hammer. Even if you just need some staples or nails to top up your stock of spares, we've got you covered.


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