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Wall Slotter Spares and Accessories

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Your Wall Slotter

The wall slotter (Chaser) is used to cut slots in the wall when you need to install cables, and pipes. The machine has two saw blades which are similar to those in your angle grinder. There has been a lot of conversation, especially amongst electricians about whether it is better to use the angle grinder in the place of a wall slotter. The answer lies in the amount of work to be completed. Advanced DIYers advice that if you need to put in a lot of wires and cables and therefore need a lot of slotting and chasing, get a wall slotter but if the workload isn't that much, use an angle grinder.

To find out which spare part or accessory will fit your wall slotter, click on the brand of your machine you have from the list of brands. The list of available accessories will be reduced to the specific spares we have for that brand. Then, all you have to do is match the type(model) number which is found on a small label on the wall slotter.

Safety First!

Here at Partshub, we're all about DIY however, we advice you to always follow the manufacturer's guide in order to avoid hurting yourself and damaging your machine.

  • Always make sure you switch off your machine and unplug it before you try to perform inspection or maintenance.
  • Never use gasoline, benzine, thinner, alcohol or the like. It may result in discolouration, deformation or cracking.
  • Regularly check to make sure the machine's air vents are clean and clear of any dust or debris.
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